Available Licenses

This page lists the license types available for FlexGanttFX. To purchase them simply contact us via email and we will send you a quote. Once we have received your order we will send you a license key which can be set via the FlexGanttFX API.

Development License
    A development license is required once the trial period of 30 days has expired. This license allows the licensee to continue working with FlexGanttFX. It does not allow the licensee to ship FlexGanttFX together with a product or project developed by the licensee. For that a runtime license is required. Setting a development license key will cause FlexGanttFX to print out a warning message that it is not fully licensed, yet, for production releases.

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Enterprise Runtime License
    Any company that wants to release / ship / sell an application that has been built on top of FlexGanttFX has to purchase an enterprise runtime license first. This is independent of whether the application will be deployed in-house or shipped to a customer.

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Research License
    Research facilities such as universities can get free access to FlexGanttFX for non-commercial purposes via the research license.

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